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Our tax team are experienced in providing advice, support and even representation for businesses or individuals when they have the unfortunate situation of an HMRC enquiry.  If HMRC have raised an enquiry with you, contact us now for advice on any tax investigation.

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support with HMRC tax investigations and enquiries
We fully appreciate that a tax investigation or HMRC enquiry into an individual's or company's tax return can be a scary and confusing time for those involved.

Tax officials can open a variety of enquiries into a taxpayer’s affairs, ranging from a general enquiry to an in-depth tax fraud investigation. Our tax team have a wealth of experience of dealing with all types of investigation and will support and guide you through your case. We will work with you to obtain the facts and be there to support you at each meeting with HMRC and to guide you through the process. We will ensure the very best outcome and if there are penalties, that you receive full mitigation.

Additionally, where HMRC are at fault, we can work to claim back costs against HMRC to ensure you are no worse off financially than you were before the investigation. Compensation payments may also be available for any distress caused by an enquiry.

If you would like more information about how we can help you with your hmrc enquiries needs, please get in touch on 01226 298298 or email info@gbac.co.uk.

a few kind words

We moved to gbac approximately 7 years ago taking our company and personal accounts to them. We have had wonderful service and advice, the best thing being continuity, we have people who we know and trust in each department who are only a telephone call away should we need them. As our family, pension and company’s circumstances change they are always willing to help and research anything that may impact our tax outcome and always take care that the advice they give is relevant to our situation.

Christine Hepworth
Director, Assetwell Limited