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What is an internal auditor? Is quite a common question and put quite simply, an internal auditor helps organisations to succeed. They look at the systems, processes and operations that are currently in place and make independent and objective conclusions of the effectiveness that these systems and processes have on the organisation. Recommendations are made on how to improve them and also how to help an organisation manage risk.

Risk management is a team effort and cannot be successfully mitigated without involvement from employees at all levels. There are five aspects to managing risk:

  1. The individual on ‘the ground’ performing the role that was assigned to them in an organisation with a positive culture i.e. setting ‘the tone’.
  2. The Line Manager / Head of Department overseeing the process, managing the risk and exhibiting the ‘tone at the top’.
  3. An independent internal review (audit) function to provide assurance that processes 1 and 2 function effectively.
  4. An independent external audit function to add veracity and objectivity for stakeholders.
  5. The Board of Directors, Trustees and Governors to balance value creation (profitability) and value protection (risk).

Our team are certified by the BSI to provide Internal Audit Assurance Services on Quality Management Systems. Victoria Harrison who is head of our audit team is also certified as a Chartered Internal Auditor (CIA), a globally recognised mark of authority in internal auditing.

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  • Internal audit is proving more popular and is now mandatory for academy trusts. We work with clients to build a cost effective programme of work that will cover financial and non-financial processes to ensure these processes are being followed and they are fit for purpose, providing feedback to the Board regularly to give them further insight in to the organisation.
    Victoria Davies Accounting Services Manager
  • gbac have provided accounting and business services for our companies since 1979 and over the years we have seen them develop in to the reliable and supportive organisation we know today. Our companies would not have been able to achieve the level of success without the support and expert business advice provided by the gbac team – for which we are very grateful!
    Martin Daws Director, Constructional Timber Manufacturers Limited

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