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Geoff Britton

Geoff was brought up within a Barnsley family running businesses in foundries and farming, the needs of which often took precedence over personal preference. Sticking to working f words he developed an interest in the finance aspects of the businesses into which he grew up. Indeed he married into the fashion industry represented by Rita with whom he’s been frough fick and fin for forty-odd years. He’s been in the profession now for over fifty years.

His accountancy training was in independent practices in the Yorkshire region. A move to London in the late sixties was followed by a return North in 1970 at which point the practice started. It’s expanded ever since.

Geoff, a Chartered Certified Accountant, has been a Board Member and a 3-times elected President of the European Federation of Accountants & Auditors of SMEs as well as being a Council Member of the Association of Authorised Public Accountants and a Regulatory Committee member of ACCA. Regular speaking engagements have been a feature of his life in practice. Close working relationships with other national professional bodies in various countries along with advising Global Standard Setters on the SME perspective has provided the broad and forward looking ethical  and technical background within which gbac operates and continues to expand.